The Re-enactment, in the generic sense, is any activity that seeks to reproduce historical events; for example, it is customary to describe certain forms of historiography as "historical reconstruction" as well as certain novels, films and paintings whose subject matter is essentially historical. More restrictively, historical reconstruction is a collective staging in which participants try to reproduce, with a certain degree of rigor, aspects of a historical event or period, mostly of a military nature, generally on the ground where the events took place. .

The goal of historical reconstruction is to experience the experience of immersing yourself in the evoked period; those groups of fans who take it the most seriously strive to accurately reproduce the living conditions of the period, from utensils (weapons, equipment) and clothing (uniforms) to food regimes and technological constraints. When the staging is in front of the audience, there is often a desire to make the story understandable in a tangible way.

Today, Re-enactment is an expanding activity around the world, and it constitutes an underworld that has associations, specialist magazines, websites, and more. At the same time, the popularization of the historical reconstruction of military character has generated an enormous international market of reproduction of the uniform, equipment, etc, necessary to participate in it. In turn, this has revalued sources for documenting such pieces (military history, uniformology). The level of demand for the quality of the reproductions has continued to grow, together with the meticulousness and rigor applied.

Napoleonic wars and two world wars are among the periods most often associated with historical reconstruction. Apart from that, the very historical experience of each country translates into specifics; so in the US there is a tendency to work on the War of Secession; in England, on the 17th Century Civil War; in France, on the Napoleonic wars; in the Italian State, on the battles of the Risorgimento and those of the alpine front of 1915-1918; in Spain, on the War of Succession and the Spanish Civil War.

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